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Congregate meals are served during lunchtime at Brookletts Place in a group setting. Besides the regular menu, birthday, holiday, and special menus may be available. Joining us for lunch is an opportunity to meet new or old friends and engage in social activities before or after a nutritious meal. The meals are healthy and are designed to meet the nutritional needs of adults 60 or over.

Meals are served Monday through Friday at noon in the main dining hall. Although meals are offered at no charge to anyone sixty years of age or older, there is a suggested donation of $2.75. We prepare the number of daily meals based on the number of members who will participate. If you do not regularly attend lunch but intend to join the group on a specific day, please call the Center on that day at 410.822.2869 by 9:30 am to let us know so that a meal will be prepared for you.

A member enjoying her meal

Several members eat together

Members socialize while eating

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