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Field Trips/Day Trips/Outings

Brookletts Place organizes a number of field trips, day trips, and outings for its members.


FIELD TRIPS are multi-hour events where a group goes together to a local place of interest like the Academy Art Museum in Easton or the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center in Church Creek.


DAY TRIPS are reflective of an event that would require the group to leave in the morning and return in the evening, i.e. a day trip to Washington, D.C., National Harbor, a casino, or a day-cruise.


OUTINGS are meant to be short events like meeting at a popular area restaurant for lunch.


Fees are dependent on the specific event and transportation is provided for all events.


Please click the button to the right to download a complete list of the current month’s field trips, day trips, and outings as well as for our separate Travel Log to learn of new events that might not yet be listed on our website.

Hibachi always makes a fun group outing!

Each trip will have its own registration form with additional information. Please click on the trip you'd like to learn more about!

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