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Our Leadership

Brookletts Place – Talbot Senior Center falls under the purview of Upper Shore Aging (USA). The USA Board of Directors and its executive director oversee the governance and administration of the senior centers in Kent, Caroline and Talbot Counties.


Brookletts Place’s day-to-day operations are managed by paid staff, however, the Center has a number of advisory committees. Below are volunteer-members for 2017, per committee. If you have an interest in participating on one or more of these committees, please contact Childlene Brooks, manager, at 410.822.2869 or email


Our current active committees are:

Members of the Advisory Committee meet to review and discuss strategies for the upcoming fiscal year.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is mandated by the by-laws and is responsible for the oversight of many of the Center’s core areas, i.e. programs, marketing. The Center’s manager appoints the committee members, who then serve a two-year term.







Travel Committee

The Travel Committee works directly with the Program Coordinator to help determine which trips to take throughout the year. 

Advisory Committee

Ad-hoc Members (Talbot County Members of USA Board of Directors)

Judith (Judy) Musch

Gary Gunther

Peter Lesher

Victor Middleton

Jim Bachman


Carol Lofstedt

Bill Shrieves

Andy Hollis

Kim Porter

Clairdean Black

Judy  Callahan

Priscilla Hilliard

Peggy Thomas

Childlene R. Brooks

Guy Tresente

Evita Roberts

Travel Committee

Childlene R. Brooks

Jessie Caldwell

Judy Callahan

Teresa Greene

Nancy Schisler

Janet Wroten

Ruth Snow

Thelma Sterrett

Jane Ward

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