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Brookletts Place offers a number of options for members to participate in various games. Below is a list of the current games that are offered at the Center.

Game Day

Time and Date: Thursdays of every month @ 10:30 am

Location: Game room

Special Notes:  No reservation required

Fee: No fee to participate


Time and Date: Every Monday @ 12:00 pm and Friday @ 10am

Location: Exercise Room II

Special Notes: Beginners are welcome! The 1st Friday of each month is designated as “New Players Day.” Come and learn!

Fee: No fee to participate

Wii Bowling

Time and Date: Every Wednesday @ 10:00 am, except the 2nd Wednesday of each month which is held at Parkview

Location: TV Room

Special Notes: Everyone is welcomed to join the team!

Fee: No fee to participate


Several members playing Wii Bowling.

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