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About Us

Brookletts Place

Brookletts Place is a center for seniors to gather and socialize with each other. It provides an aspect of community engagement for individuals 60 or older through the Center’s facilities and various events throughout the year. As a place with an excellent reputation among its membership, Brookletts Place strives to continuously expand to provide even more for area seniors over and above its well-rounded menu of available services and resources.

A Vibrant and Lively Center

As a vibrant and lively center, Brookletts Place is the prime location in Talbot County for community engagement in the senior population. Having an amazing facility and a wonderful staff, it is not an adult daycare or nursing home for seniors, rather it provides opportunities for socializing, recreational fun, lifelong learning, and camaraderie among senior-peers. The Center also provides a gateway for members to engage in various roles and carries a greater mission of serving a vulnerable part of the community.

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