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Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Falls Prevention Awareness Day occurs this year on September 22nd. We would like to provide you and your loved ones with important fall prevention tips that can help reduce the risk of falling and provide you with essential peace of mind.

Making personal changes is the first step to take in fall prevention. Some of these changes are easy and simple, but can make all the difference when preventing a fall. Be active. Seniors can strengthen muscles and bones through physical activity, reducing risk of falls as well as injury from falls. Check your blood pressure. Regularly having your blood pressure checked can alert you and your medical providers of any increased risk of falling due to blood pressure levels and allow you to take necessary precautions. Visit your eye doctor. Attending regular vision screenings will keep you aware of changes in your vision, allowing you to be prepared for weakening eyesight and providing an opportunity to obtain corrective lenses. Choose safe footwear. Ensuring that shoes fit well and comfortably is important in preventing falls. Shoes that fail to fit properly or pose any type of walking hazard will increase the chance of falling. Maintain bone health. Bone health is essential in reducing falls and the possible injury resulting from a fall. Maintaining bone health can be achieved through taking the proper vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D and calcium, as well as taking any prescribed medication from your doctor. Keeping an active lifestyle will also aid in keeping your bones strong.

The second step in fall prevention is to fall proof your home. This doesn't mean spend a ton of money installing safety features. But by making these few simple changes, you can greatly reduce the risk of falling in your home. Improve lighting. Make sure all areas of your house are well lit. Keeping easily accessible light fixtures, such as lamps, located throughout your house can provide you with the security needed to maneuver the hallways even on the darkest nights. Install handrails. Handrails and grab bars are excellent features to have installed in your home. They provide balance, security, and a helping hand. Reorganize. Any items that have become hard to reach, high or low, should be relocated to easily accessible areas. This can be a simple, yet effective way to reduce falls. Redecorate. Securing carpets and removing rugs can prevents trips and slips. Rearranging furniture to allow for a more open living area can make your house easier to move around in.

Last but not least, several devices are available to help prevent falls, as well as provide assistance if a fall has taken place. These devices include canes, walkers, and reachers. Portable phones and devices such as LifeAlert can help alert medical providers resulting in immediate medical assistance after a fall.

This fall season, keep in mind fall awareness and the above tips to help you and your loved ones reduce injury from falls. The above tips were found on the National Institute of Health website. For more information on fall prevention and tips, contact us at 410.822.2869.

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