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Fun Fitness for Seniors

What is the first activity you think of when someone mentions a senior center? You might say it’s “Bingo!” However, there are so many other activities offered at Brookletts Place – Talbot Senior Center with the purpose of helping the members have fun, be happy, and stay healthy!

Here at Brookletts Place – Talbot Senior Center, you will find an enriched calendar fully packed with activities not only for the mind, but also for the body. We offer a lot of programs, classes, and events for the Talbot County senior population. The Senior Center, at any time, may offer activities such as Gentle Yoga, Enhance Fitness Exercise classes, Tai Chi, Line Dancing, Zumba, and Dance Steps. We even have Wii Bowling, which offers a workout using a game controller system! Every activity is scheduled on specific days during the week, repeating weekly at the same time, which allows our members to choose the activities they’d like to attend. Many of the classes are free of charge; however, a few may have a fee for the instructor and/or materials.

Currently, we have six different fitness and wellness-related activities: Line Dancing, Wii Bowling, Enhance Fitness, Dance Steps, Tai Chi, and Shore Line Dancing (not to be confused with Line Dancing). Each activity offers different ways to help you stay fit in a fun and exciting way. Some of the fitness activities, like dancing, even has the benefit of social collaboration.

  • Wii Bowling is every Wednesday at 10 AM, free of charge in the TV Room. It is a lot of fun and so easy to get involved in the game that most people don’t notice they’re exercising!

  • The Enhance Fitness class is our most frequent one, held every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, at both 8 AM and 9:30 AM on all three days in the large Dining Room and is currently free of charge due to grant funding. During these classes, the members do a range of exercises that work out every part of the body.

  • We also offer a Tai Chi class which is held every Thursday at 11 AM, for a nominal fee. Tai Chi is known to be a form of martial arts originating from China, but has the goals of improving health and promoting longevity. The instructor teaches participants the slow, but careful techniques that focus on the mind and the movement of the body. This class is held at the Talbot County Community Center.

  • If you find yourself wanting to dance, there are currently three different classes: Dance Steps, Line Dancing, and Shore Line Dancing. The Dance Steps and Line Dancing classes have a nominal fee and are hosted by Chesapeake College. The Shore Line Dancing class, a program not sponsored by Brookletts Place, is an evening class that happens every Tuesday. It is free the first time, but a fee applies for sequential sessions. The Line Dancing class is at 9:00 AM on Wednesdays and the Dance Steps class is at 10:30 AM on Wednesdays. All three are held at the Senior Center.

At Brookletts Place you will find that each activity is fun, so we encourage everyone to come out and participate. Fitness does not have to be a chore and with our programs, activities, and classes, there are plenty of opportunities to add one to your routine. If you can’t make it to any of these classes, we always have the Gym open during the Center’s hours! Remember, it is never too late to try something new!

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