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Give the Gift of Health for the Senior on Your List

Finding the right gift for an aging loved one can be a little tricky. An older person probably already has everything they want and need, but their health needs may be changing. This holiday season; consider their health needs and helping them with a gift that promotes better nutrition and fitness.

Help them get started with exercise

Some older adults may not know where to start with exercise, but getting into a good exercise routine can help with all kinds of physical and mental problems as they age. Help them get started with a simple activity like walking by giving an easy-to-use pedometer or good walking shoes. For someone who is tech-savvy, you could give a fitness tracker so they can keep up with their mileage and steps, along with other key health signs like heart rate. You could also give them a tablet and set them up with apps to monitor fitness. The National Institute on Aging has a great website they can access called Go4Life that will help you both find the best exercises for seniors.

Give exercise classes

If your loved one is able to get out and about, they may enjoy trying a group exercise class like yoga or Tai Chi. These types of exercise are very gentle, and you may even be able to find classes that are specifically geared towards seniors. Joining a group class is a great way for them to stay connected socially while promoting physical and mental health at the same time. Most gyms and yoga studios offer gift certificates or prepaid classes that you can give.

Help them set up a home gym

For some aging adults, exercising at home may be the best option. You can help them get set up right and point them towards information to help them get started. gives a rundown of the best exercise equipment for a home gym. Dumbbells, a yoga mat and resistance bands are all great options.

Make getting good nutrition easier

Good nutrition is just as important, if not more important, as we age. Eating the right foods can help boost memory, decrease pain and inflammation, and improve cardiovascular health. It may be harder for an older adult to cook and get the nutrition they need, so give a gift that makes getting a complete balanced diet easier. With a juicer or blender, your loved one can easily make fruit and veggie smoothies and soups. Some older adults have a decreased sense of thirst due to loss of smell and taste, so the extra intake of fluids is another added benefit of this gift. Giving a water filter and on-the-go water bottle is another way you can make sure they’re drinking plenty. If your loved one still cooks but has arthritis, consider giving a kitchen gadget that makes chopping vegetables easier.

As we get older, good nutrition and fitness become a critical part of staying sharp and healthy. This holiday season, the best gift you can give your aging loved one is the gift of a healthier, more fulfilling life with fitness tools they can use in the new year and the years to come.

If you are struggling to figure out what changes to make, perhaps looking into assisted living for your family member or loved one might suit their needs better. Here we have a resource aimed at helping those in Maryland find what they are searching for.

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